Foam Bottle Wash

Bottle 500mL

Wash baby bottles, dishes, pacifiers and toys with peace of mind.
Use Bottle Wash on all the baby's washable items, rinsing away in seconds any dirt and food with its smooth bubbles for a clean finish.

Free from
  • Petroleum based synthetic surfactant

  • Preservative

  • Synthetic fragrances

  • Coloring

  • Silicon

Product Kitchen Soap
Application Plastic, ceramics, glass, metal goods
pH Mildly alkaline
Ingredients Pure soap (10% potassium salts of fatty acid), stabilizer

※Contains natural extracts of shiso and aloe for moisturizing skin.

※Skin irritation, allegy tested.

(Does not eliminate the possibility of skin irritation for all users)

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Quick rinse Foam Bottle Wash comes straight out as a thick foam that quickly rinses away thanks to the use of Sophololipids.
Smooth foam, made from natural soap, lifts away food and oil, easily and completely.


100% plant origin ingredients Foam Bottle Wash contains no animal or synthetic oils in its soap. It is born from 100% plant origin palm oils, with no synthetic surfactants, unnatural fragrances, colors and preservatives. Foam Bottle Wash natural soap deeply cleans and rinses away better than any detergent, meaning nothing remains behind. You can even use it to clean baby bottles, nipples, bottle liners and pacifiers, which babies use directly with their mouths.


Moisturizing plant extracts to protect your hands

Daily hand washing of dishes can cause the skin to dry out. Foam Bottle Wash is a mild soap made from natural plant ingredients, containing shiso leaf and aloe extracts to protect the skin.

Doesn't soap leave things slippery?

Not only soaps, but also detergents attach to surfaces when mixed with water, making objects feel slippery when cleaned. However, Foam Bottle Wash is made from natural soap, which rinses away much better than dish detergents.
You'll notice that dish detergents can still remain on your plastic dishes and containers unless you thoroughly rinse.

Use and Promotion of Credited Palm Oil

The palm oil used in this product is credited RSPO palm oil, made with consideration of the environment and protecting human rights of the workers where it was made. We are actively working to incite others to join us in the use of this oil.

Contributing supporter of Save the Children

We support the activities of Save the Children, a private sector UN aid organization that helps support the development of education, hygiene and human rights for children in over 120 countries.