Foam Body Soap

Bottle 450mL|Refill 400mL

Wash your baby from head to toe with the soft foam of Foam Body Soap.
Tiny bubbles gently clear your baby's precious skin and hair for a relaxing and fun bath time.
The foam pump is easy to use, conveniently dispensing foam with one hand.

Free from
  • Synthetic surfactant

  • Preservatives

  • Synthetic fragrances

  • Coloring

  • Silicon

Ingredients Water, potassium soap base, glycerin, lavender oil, lime oil, shiso extract, rosemary extract, BG

※Skin irritation, allegy tested.
(Does not eliminate the possibility of skin irritation for all users)

※Infant safety tested by dermatologists.
(It does not guarantee all safety)

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Creamy, thick foam from the pump Foam Body Soap is a body soap that comes out as thick foam straight from the pump, so you can easily bathe your baby with one hand. The thick foam of gently cleans with less friction as it cushions the skin while washing. This reduces irritation without effecting cleaning.
Rich and creamy foam attaches to dirt and oil to clean the skin without deep scrubbing.

Ideal for washing by hand

Using to wash by hand is the gentlest way to keep your baby clean. A wash cloth can cause irritation to your baby's skin. Foam Body Soap's thick foam acts as a cushion between your hand and your baby's delicate skin, lifting away dirt and oil with little friction on the skin.


Clear rinsing, no slippery residue

Over rinsing the skin after cleaning can cause dry and rough skin. Foam Body Soap quickly rinses away without leaving any slippery residue like synthetic body washes can leave. This reduces irritation from over rinsing as well as leftover soap on the skin. is made entirely from natural plant-based ingredients and contains shiso leaf and rosemary leaf extracts for added skin care and cleaning effect.


Perfect bottle for bath time Foam Body Soap comes in a new bottle that is designed to be easier to hold even with wet or soapy hands. The one hand pump lets you hold your baby in one hand while pumping out foam for washing. Bath time should be fun and simple.


Tested for skin irritation. Safety guaranteed.

Synthetic additives used in face washes, body soap and other cosmetics are formulated under the strict safety standards.
However, irritation may still occur because individuals have different skin types and reactions. arau. is totally free of LAS, alcohol synthetic surfactants, synthetic fragrances, artificial colors and preservatives, which means that the possibility of developing skin allergy to its ingredients is greatly reduced when compared with other body care products.
arau and products are tested for skin irritation, to make one of the safest, greatest soaps you can find.'s 3 steps of skin care

    Using Foam Body Soap, clean your baby's skin with a gentle cushion of foam. Next use + Moisturizing Lotion to protect your baby's skin with mild, additive-free moisturizing lotion. Lastly, wrap your baby with towels and clothes washed with natural, additive-free Laundry Soap and Laundry Conditioner. These are the 3 steps of skin care.

  1. 洗う
  2. うるおす
  3. 包む
Use and Promotion of Credited Palm Oil

The palm oil used in this product is credited RSPO palm oil, made with consideration of the environment and protecting human rights of the workers where it was made. We are actively working to incite others to join us in the use of this oil.

Contributing supporter of Save the Children

We support the activities of Save the Children, a private sector UN aid organization that helps support the development of education, hygiene and human rights for children in over 120 countries.